Only three per cent of women in Windsor-Essex declare self-employment as their source of income compared to 17 per cent of women nationally.

It’s a woeful statistic showing this area has dramatically few women entrepreneurs. Local officials are aiming to remedy that with $692,000 in federal funds, just announced to help local women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses in “emerging technology sectors,” like automation, automotive, mobility and agri-food.

Read the full story on The Windsor Star.

One Reply to “Windsor-Essex lands $692,000 to boost women entrepreneurs”

  • Val Houston

    Val Houston

    March 5, 2020 5:57 pm

    I opened my not for profit business called Windsor Essex Seniors Kids Programs. SKIP Windsor is a program we provide in our community. We send classrooms to nursing homes for activities on a monthly basis. Presently we send 15 classes to 15 nursing care facilities. We are hoping to expand and offer more intergenerational programs. As a whole, all participants (students and seniors) learn from each other and form connections and frienships.


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